Save more money with a budget you can stick to.

Gain control of your money with the Centsible three step budgeting approach, which helps you create a budget with more stability and less surprises.

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The Approach

1. Monthly Expenses

Start off your budget by planning out all your monthly fixed and variable expenses like rent, groceries, cable, eating out, etc.

2. Sinking Funds

Take large expenses in the future, like quarterly car insurance or car maintenance fund, and save smaller portions monthly until its expected.

3. Budget & Track Expenses

Once you have your plan in place, fund your categories monthly and track expenses. You will have much more control of your money with a rock solid budget.

Envelope System

Know how much money you have to spend.

All your available income is prominently shown to you at the top, just like if you had the cash in front of you. You have to fund each category (envelope) until your available income reaches $0. Now when you spend on each category, you won't have to worry if you have the money or not.

Move Money

No such thing as a perfect budget.

Centsible helps you plan a flexible budget. Did you spend more on groceries than you intended? No problem. If you have the money in another category, moving money between categories is built in. You are in control of your priorities.


Budget for expected and unexpected expenses.

Odds are you have bills that are about the same every month. Or maybe you want to save for a big purchase. Centsible provides shortcuts for monthly expenses, and even tells you exactly how much you need monthly to meet your goal. Could be as small as saving up for that Amazon Prime subscription, or as big as your first home.

Coming Soon


Budgeting month to month is great and all. But wouldn't it be great to visualize trends? Maybe look at your networth, spending by category group, and more.

Recurring Transactions

You probably have a few transactions that always come on the same day every month. We'll notify you of the transaction(s), and you can approve or ignore it. What will you do with the time we saved you?


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