Stop wondering where your money went.

Centsible uses the envelope system of budgeting, specially designed for mobile, so you know exactly where your money is going wherever you are.

Get started in 3 steps

1. Add

Add any of your accounts where income and spending comes from. Checking, savings, and credit cards. Then you can add categories that represent your expenses (rent, groceries).

2. Plan

With all your income and expenses setup, you can begin to fund your categories with your available income. Centsible helps you keep track of exactly how much money you have to assign. No guessing here.

3. Profit

With Centsible, you can only budget money you actually have. Cash or card, spending the money you have gives you clarity like never before. Saving for your financial goals becomes a breeze.

Envelope System

Know how much money you have to spend.

All your available income is prominently shown to you at the top, just like if you had the cash in front of you. You have to fund each category (envelope) until your available income reaches $0. Now when you spend on each category, you won't have to worry if you have the money or not.

Move Money

No such thing as a perfect budget.

Centsible helps you plan a flexible budget. Did you spend more on groceries than you intended? No problem. If you have the money in another category, moving money between categories is built in. You are in control of your priorities.


Budget for expected expenses with lightning speed.

Odds are you have bills that are about the same every month. No need to manually input it or remember the exact amounts to fund. We'll give you a shortcut to fund what you planned. Centsible even simplifies savings for sinking funds.

Coming Soon


Budgeting month to month is great and all. But wouldn't it be great to visualize trends? Maybe look at your networth, spending by category group, and more.

Recurring Transactions

You probably have a few transactions that always come on the same day every month. We'll notify you of the transaction(s), and you can approve or ignore it. What will you do with the time we saved you?


0% Savings

Monthly Plan


Billed Monthly.

30% Savings

Yearly Plan


Billed Annually.