Centsible is in Alpha!

The time has finally come. After months of hard work, Centsible is finally ready to be used by a small group of testers. The initial test group is Android. Working on the iOS release. Hoping to get it released by the end of this month.

This testing period will be used to iron out some kinks. In fact, we already found some bugs, and areas of improvements for future users. What's missing now is some documentation to help users better utilize Centsible to fit their financial goals and lifestyles.


Centsible is in Alpha. Everybody tends to use alpha and beta interchangeably. Hard to tell whats what. So I'd like to quickly explain what that means for Centsible.

Alpha in our case means bugs are expected, non-core features missing, but usable.


As I mentioned above, the first closed tester found some UI issues and a bug with managing categories. Through my use I was very focused and didn't test all possible edge cases. So I could have missed some scenarios that a typical user encounters through the process of learning to use the app. There could also be platform issues that arise in trying to juggle the slight differences between Android and iOS.

Non-Core Features Missing

To be clear, Centsible as a budgeting app works and is usable. You can do all basic budgeting and expense tracking features you'd expect from a budgeting app. But there are some non-core features at the moment that were punted in the name of releasing and getting feedback.

  • Category Icons: Some of you may have noticed icons on categories on the budget screen. It's currently missing when you load the alpha. There is no way to add them with UI. I did it programmatically. It'll be coming real soon.
  • Reconcilation: Centsible currently requires manual transaction tracking. This is tedious, and a reconciliation feature would make it easier for a user to keep their Centsible accounts in sync with their actual bank balances.
  • Recurring Transactions: This is hopefully self explanatory. That netflix, hulu, spotify bill will happen every month. Why not automate it?
  • Reports: This one is higher on the list. Budgets are great, but what about visualizing all the data? I'm thinking category spending pie chart, and networth bar graph. But doesn't have to be limited to those.


If you're interested in being added to the test group, just request an invite on the homepage.