iOS App Performance

I wanted to provide a quick update and explanation about where things are at with the Centsible iOS app.

One of the iOS closed testers who graciously took the time to provide honest feedback, noticed Centsible on iOS had some jankiness. Short video below showing the problem.

Centsible iOS App with Jank

I was confused to say the least. At the moment I primarily use Android. I also don't really have an iOS device, so testing has been difficult. For that reason most of my attention has been on Android. This last week I've focused solely on the jank experienced by iOS users. Let's talk about it.

Performance Concerns

I haven't really mentioned this before, but Centsible is written in Flutter. Flutter has definitely been an enjoyable experience. Overall its a great framework. Unfortunately I learned something I had wish I knew before I embarked on this 6 month journey.

At first my initial assumption was that I did it. I messed up somewhere. Maybe it's a small issue or something obvious that I could fix quickly. So I did the usual performance testing any developer would do on an application. I went down the rabbit hole of optimizing a bunch of my screens. But I could not figure it out. Nothing I did really improved the jank.

Countless articles mention Flutter on iOS having some serious jank issues. There are many issues opened, but sadly closed with supposed fixes. Flutter even updated their docs with a "fix" that does not work. I could not understand what was going on. And then I found it. The fix. More like a hack. Turns out it wasn't me that caused the issue. Flutter has some serious animation defects on iOS. So much so that their 2022 roadmap has jank as one of their top priorities.


Below you can see the result of a smoother swipe right to go back animation. I'll be releasing the update soon since it could take a day or longer. But I hope this gives the current iOS testers a better experience.

Centsible iOS App Without Jank