One-on-One Budgeting Coach

Free 1:1 Coaching

If you are in need of a more hands-on approach to budgeting, we provide a free budget coaching session to untangle your finances. The session will focus on budgeting, arguably the foundation to any successful financial journey.

We believe our unique focus to budgeting helps keep you grounded in reality. Rather than throw endless financial terms at you to remember and worry about, all you have to do is focus on your budget and following it.

If you think about it, any goals and dreams you may have related to money follow the same rule. You need to have disposable income. You then take that income and use it to pay off debt, save for a house, or speed up retirement.

  • First we'll walk through the Centsible 3 step budgeting approach.
  • Then we'll assess your financial situation using the Centsible app.
  • Based on the assessment we can then craft a personalized budget that fits your life.
  • You'll get a 1:1 walkthrough on how to use the Centsible app.

Our approach is simple yet powerful. But it will require dedication on your part. We'll be available for support and to cheer you along the way.

How To Sign Up?

Before we get started prepare a few things to make the session go smoothly.

  • Download the Centsible apps. iOS here, and Android here. Signing up to try the app is free with no commitment.
  • List out all expected expenses for the month on paper or your notes app.
  • The day of our session login to your bank accounts and write down the balances of your main spending accounts (checking, credit).
  • We can do either a video or voice chat. Whatever you are comfortable with.


No. Signing up is free with no commitment. The apps were specially designed to follow our budgeting approach. What you learn in the session can be used in your own spreadsheet or budgeting system.

One-on-One budgeting coaches can range anywhere between $100 to $1,000 dollars! Although we believe they have their place, we would like to offer an alternative.

Learn to budget using our approach and app with an initial consultation. You'll walk away with new budgeting skills. If you find Centsible valuable you can subscribe after the free trial is over.